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Tuesday, 04 October 2016 15:09

Ship Port Interface for Energy Efficiency

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IMO Train the Trainer Course on Energy Efficient Ship Operation Module 5 – Ship Port Interface for Energy Efficiency 

PDF can be found here.

The aim of this module is to deal with ship-port interface and how ship in-port operation can influence the ship energy efficiency and port air quality. It includes all aspects of ship operation in ports and relevant technologies, fuels and operational measures for reducing the ship-in-port fuel consumption and air pollutants. Apart from introductory section on port structure and services, the main operational aspect of shipport interface in terms of just-in-time operation is covered in detail first. Next, a full review of various technological, fuels and operational measures for reduction of ships’ emissions to ports are investigated. The concept of Onshore Power Supply (OPS) or cold ironing is discussed as the main way of reducing air pollutant in ports. Finally, port-related green initiatives and port environmental programs are introduced and sample initiatives are introduced.