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Friday, 12 March 2021 11:47

Resilience4Ports: Gateways to a resilient future

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At the end of phase one of their Resilience4Ports project, The Resilience Shift has launched a new report on the resilience of ports.

The report, 'Resilience4Ports: Gateways to a resilient future’ identifies 36 current and future trends and developments facing ports and examines the four main drivers of change: decarbonisation, technological change, ports communities and the environment impacting the ports ecosystem.  It explains why resilience can provide a uniting force for action on multiple transformations currently facing the ports industry and the wider ports ecosystem, and identifies four action areas for cross-industry collaboration to help drive change and address the challenges:

- Learn the lessons from Covid-19 and Brexit on how ports respond to shocks and stresses so the industry can better respond to future crises.

- Develop guidance for an integrated approach to intersecting port transformations and resilience challenges.

- Promote port investment that enhances whole system resilience, increases flow of finance to where it is most needed and maximises system-level benefits

- Convene the ports' value chain to understand and shape resilience including port specific resilience appraisal and enhancements.

The key message is: Ports are key to delivering a prosperous, low-carbon, resilient future. A whole-systems approach is what is needed to deliver that transformation.

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