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Thursday, 20 May 2021 10:15

European Coastal Flood Awareness System: Potential New Tool for Copernicus

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January 2021 saw the launch of a new H2020 project aiming to develop a new coastal flood awareness system that could become a candidate to join the Copernicus Emergency Management Service. This new tool will demonstrate the feasibility of a European Coastal Flood Awareness System (ECFAS, that will complement the existing framework for flooding awareness along large trans-national river systems (EFAS). The final aim is to produce a pan-European service to support the activities of coastal communities by collecting user needs and requirements and applying the pre-operational service to several pilot cases in Europe.

ECFAS will provide a much-needed solution to bolster coastal resilience to climate risk and reduce the exposure of populations, infrastructure and services in the coastal zone by monitoring and supporting disaster preparedness, two factors that are fundamental to damage prevention, response and recovery if a storm hits.

End users are a crucial part of ECFAS, as they will help the ECFAS team to understand users' needs and to address them in the design of the European Coastal Flood Awareness System. Through engaging with end users, ECFAS hopes to develop a mutually beneficial collaboration and partnerships for service co-design, co-development, and co-evaluation.

The first ECFAS webinar took place on 12th May. It was an informative session where potential users and stakeholders from the EU Member States could learn more about the project, its potential applications and upcoming activities. The seminar was very successful with over 100 participants from all over Europe, which led to a very interesting and informed questions and answers session that was appreciated by all. The ECFAS team were certainly very pleased with the level of interest from the participants and encourage those who were not able to participate but are interested in the project to contact them by contacting .

ECFAS benefits from the advice and guidance from JRC, EEA, ECMWF, ESA and Mercator Ocean International. It also formally involves the Copernicus User Forum of Italy, Greece, Spain, Germany and France in the ECFAS Users Board.

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