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IAPH - World Ports Sustainability Program (WPSP) event

In 2008, the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) launched the World Port Climate Initiative (WPCI) in collaboration with regional port organisations. This resulted in the 'World Ports Climate Declaration', in which the signatories committed themselves to taking measures to combat climate change.  This Memorandum of Understanding was initially signed by 55 international world ports.  Over the years, more ports joined the intitiative. The concrete implementation of the measures took shape in various working groups that were monitored by the Port Environment Committee of IAPH. Attention was paid to:

Onshore power supply for sea vessels The' Environmental Ship Index' (a system for assessing the environmental friendliness of ships which is linked to a discount system when calling at the participating seaports) LNG as bunker fuel Drawing up a carbon footprint for port activities and hybrid and electric harbor related equipment.

Evolution from WPCI to WPSP for better corporate social responsibility

Today the sustainability process in the ports, both on a national and an international level, has changed considerably. The scope has expanded from climate to corporate social responsibility in the broad sense of the word.  Today, a (world) port is being challenged to reconcile sustainable developments in line with further industrial challenges. The United Nations 2030 SDG programme with its 17 SDG goals (signed in September 2015) also reinforces this challenge that world ports face today.  They play a central role in the supply chain story. IAPH emphasises that corporate social responsibility is essential to operate as a world port (license to operate).

Through its dedicated website, the WPSP will build a global library of best practices. The website will also include an overview of current and new projects. The WPSP will act as a think tank and breeding ground for new cooperation projects. The results achieved in terms of sustainable transition of the global port sector will be reported and communicated on a regular basis.

Antwerp is host city for the WPSP event on 22-23 March.

The WPSP will be launched during a two-day event at the Port House in Antwerp. The first day will have a plenary session with international speakers and panel discussions on 3 themes:' Climate & Energy',' Future Generations’ and ‘Communities & Innovations'. At the end of day 1, the WPSP charter will be solemnly signed by the five partner organisations IAPH, PIANC, AIVP, ESPO and AAPA representing X ports. (X: number to be confirmed). Day 2 consists of workshops by experts and academics to give concrete form to the WPSP charter. There are 5 themes: Climate & Energy, Societal integration of ports, Governance and ethics, Future-proof infrastructure and Safety & Security. More information about the programme and details about the speakers at

It is a great honour for the Port of Antwerp to host this event. The port of Antwerp wants to play an active role on the port platform in the transition to a more sustainable port. The Sustainable Development Goals are an important guiding principle that has been included in the Vision 2030 with 5 P’s as a guiding principle ' planet, people, prosperity, partnership and peace'. In this way, the port of Antwerp is a front runner in sustainability: creating sustainable added value and reconciling economic, social and ecological interests together with all stakeholders in the port.

Quote Patrick Verhoeven, Director IAPH

“Ten years after the World Ports Climate Initiative, we are broadening the scope of climate change to include corporate social responsibility. World ports are being challenged to reconcile sustainable development with further industrial challenges. That is why we believe it is necessary to make the WPCI become the WPSP: the World Ports Sustainability Program, a programme that aims to make an important contribution to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.”

Quote Eric de Deckere, Technical Manager Sustainable Transition, Port of Antwerp

“Finally, the Port of Antwerp Authority takes an active role in making the maritime/port interface more sustainable. It is in this context that the World Ports Sustainability Program will be launched in Antwerp on 22 and 23 March, with the global port sectors committing themselves to making an active contribution to the UN-SDGs. The Antwerp port community is pursuing an active policy and there are many inspiring examples to be found within our platform. Together with all actors in the port, the Antwerp Port Authority wants to to create sustainable added value and reconcile economic, social and ecological interests. We aim to play a pioneering role in the Hamburg-Le Havre range by taking a leading role in sustainability.”

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Event Date 22-03-2018 9:00 am
Event End Date 23-03-2018 5:00 pm
Registration Start Date 11-02-2018
Location Antwerp Port House

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