Transport Day - Climate Change Conference, Marrakech

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Objectives of the Transport Day Marrakesh

  • Develop short, medium and long term perspective for transformative action by the transport sector in support of the ambition level (2DS/1.5DS) demonstrated by the Paris Agreement
  • Build bridges between transport and other sectors in support of integrated action on climate change and sustainable development
  • Support the Moroccan Presidency in realizing its COP22 objectives: (a) global implementation plans of Paris agreement, (b) pre-2020 solutions for Africa; (c) focus on climate adaptation; (d) focus on role of women
  • Contribute towards strengthening of institutional governance in the transport sector further

Contact Person: Talya Enriquez Romano, SLoCaT Partnership, ; Mark Major, SLoCaT Partnership,

Event Properties

Event Date 13-11-2016
Location Es Saadi Gardens Resort and Palace

Location Map