International Maritime Pilots’ Association

About IMPA

IMPA is the International Maritime Pilots’ Association. Members of IMPA comprise 44 national pilot associations from around the globe.


IMPA’s objectives

IMPA aims to:

  • Represent the international community of pilots.
  • Use the resources of the membership to promote effective safety outcomes in pilotage as an essential public service.
  • Make maximum use of our formal voice in relevant international maritime fora. Particularly important as an NGO at the International Maritime Organization (IMO).
  • Seek out the best available knowledge and information and make it available to members in order to advance the profession and maintain its relevance to the modern world.


IMPA’s aspirations for Navigating a Changing Climate

Existing knowledge about climate change varies across IMPA’s membership.  Some, who rely on freshwater levels daily are very aware; others are sceptical. By participating in the Navigating a Changing Climate partnership, IMPA will be able to facilitate the essential greater understanding of the ramifications of climate change: not only amongst its members but also within the membership’s wider port communities that may otherwise not be aware of its impact on their future operations and how they may be able to deal with it.

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