European Dredging Association

About EuDA

EuDA is the European Dredging Association. The members of EuDA comprise of dredging companies and national dredging associations, mostly Europe-based but who operate internationally.


EuDA’s objectives

EuDA provides the official interface between European dredging companies and the EU's Institutions and some international organisations (e.g. IMO, HELCOM or ILO).  EuDA also supports the dredging companies in developing knowledge and capacity to tackle new challenges inter alia through specialised working groups, and promotes investment in marine/maritime research and innovation.  The Association has a strong emphasis on social and environmental affairs.


EuDA’s aspirations for Navigating a Changing Climate

Awareness of climate change is generally high amongst EuDA’s membership: most members have a level 3 or more on the CO2 performance scale (the Netherlands); EuDA gathers emissions data; has studied specific dredging vessels’ emissions patterns; and prepared targeted communications papers with industry-backed methodologies to estimate CO2 emissions from dredging projects.

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