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Saturday, 31 March 2018 07:46

Sucessful and thought-provoking WPSP Launch Event

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The World Ports Sustainability Program (WPSP) is an initiative of IAPH as coordinator working with four founding partners: PIANC, AIVP, American Association of Port Authorities and ESPO.  IADC and ICHCA are amongst several other signatories to the Charter.

There are five main workstreams under the WPSP, each of which aims to deliver on a cluster of relevant United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.  The workstreams cover:

-       resilient infrastructure, to face the challenges of the future including climate change

-       climate and energy, initiatives that contribute to the Paris Agreement goals

-       community outreach and port-city dialogue, embracing societal integration

-       safety and security, including cyber-security

-       governance and ethics; transparent, ethical policies and management.

The first two workstreams in the list above coincide particularly well with the activities of the PIANC-led Navigating a Changing Climate initiative in which IAPH and ESPO are also partners.  There is therefore a great deal of scope for collaboration (and for avoiding duplication).

The first day of the WPSP launch event comprised a high-level welcome and endorsement session.  Worth noting from Day One, the strong relationship expressed between the port community and maritime shipping, and the repeated calls on the IMO for a strong set of targets for GHG reduction as an outcome from their forthcoming meeting.

The second day provided an opportunity for those attending to help shape the future activities of the Program, through a series of workshops.  Two of these workshops covered topics of particular interest to the Navigating a Changing Climate partners: climate and energy, and resilient infrastructure.  Recommendations from the first of these workshops included:

-       development of incentives to support ports and terminals in their efforts to decarbonise

-       support for onshore power through collaborative projects

-       understanding waste streams in the context of the circular economy, and

-       data collection and improved understanding of energy efficiency and carbon foot-printing.

Recommended actions from the resilient infrastructure workshop included:

-       introduction of sustainability requirements (criteria) into financing agreements

-       collation of information on costs and consequences of extreme weather events (in collaboration with Navigating a Changing Climate), and

-       raising awareness of ‘with nature’ philosophies including using social media.

More information about the WPSP initiative can be found at the new website ( and news about the launch event and its outcomes can be accessed through: