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Monday, 17 August 2020 15:35

Sediment management and climate change workshop announced

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Navigating a Changing Climate and SedNet (the European sediment network (see are collaborating to run a workshop entitled “Addressing climate change challenges with sediment management”.

The workshop is planned to be held in Rome, Italy, on 10-11 February 2021 but may be moved to an online event depending on how the COVID-19 situation evolves. 

The aim of the workshop is to facilitate knowledge exchange, disseminate good practice, highlight opportunities, and identify gaps in understanding or research needs in relation to the following topics, with an emphasis on ports, waterways, dredging and associated infrastructure/activities:

1. Role of sediment management in carbon sequestration and storage: opportunities to contribute to a net reduction in GHG emissions

2. Sediments and climate change adaptation: seeking flexible and adaptive solutions to strengthen resilience and adapt port and navigation infrastructure and operations

3. Habitat enhancement and creation, Working with Nature and other nature-based solutions: using nature to strengthen the natural resilience of ports and waterways including sediment use (e.g. sand-engine and dunes) for protection against flooding

4. Sediment management, circular economy and the waste hierarchy: reduce (e.g. reduce the need for extraction of virgin aggregate); reuse (e.g. shift perceptions of sediment from a waste to a resource); recycle (e.g. optimising sediment placement)

5. Emerging issues and opportunities: enabling contributors to the workshop to offer presentations on other sediment management and climate change-related topics, such as how to prevent climate change-induced flooding eroding and remobilising historically contaminated sediments and soils from upstream river banks and transporting them downstream; or how changed environmental conditions may affect sediment quality guidelines.

Those interested in making a presentation at this workshop are encouraged to use the provided template to prepare and submit a one-page abstract, following the procedure set out in the attached or accessible via